As leaders in our pack, we need to be trained. Bucks County council offers several different venues for leaders to be trained. Upcoming events will be posted in scout track and Eric will get them on the website calendar.
At minimum, every leader should be trained for youth protection every year. Leader position training is available as well. To be fully trained, a leader must attend “Baloo” training held by council twice a year. This will earn a fully trained patch. The pack must have 2 leaders fully trained each year. We do have sufficient fully trained leaders at this point, but encourage all leaders to become fully trained.
Online training –
Each leader can go through the fast track program online. click on the fast track link on the page above and register to complete the courses. You will need your leader ID from your Boy Scouts ID card. Please contact council, Eric or Tami if you do not know what your ID # is. (New leaders do not have one yet) In fast track, you can get youth protection and leader specific training. The whole things should take a few hours, if that. It’s fast, simple and free.
Council will hold events throughout the year, including round table meetings. some are free and some have fees to cover the costs. Although it’s more time out of our schedule, you can get more valuable information and will always get some new ideas for our scouts. I will send out event emails for each of these. Eric can set up a sign up on the website for anyone who would like to attend.
Please let me know if you have any questions.  If you have completed any training, please submit it to me for our rechartering.
– Tami Polichetti (215) 795-0174