On Thursday November 20th, Pack 196 held their monthly Pack Meeting; and it was a blast!

We kicked things off (after the opening prayer of course) with a fantastic flag presentation by the Wolf Den. The guys did a great job of marching in and planting the US Flag and our Pack Flag in their bases; we’ve got some real pros there!

After the flag presentation, we moved on to some skits by the Webelos II Den. They had a soft drink skit that ended quite badly when the ‘soda’ turned out to be the leftovers from some pets (ewwww)! The second skit involved a reporter getting a great story. The boys got quite a few laughs from everyone – a super representation for their Den and fun for the whole Pack.

Moving on, we then presented awards to the boys. Since this was the first awards ceremony since last year, there were a TON of things to hand out! No wonder it takes so much money to maitain a Pack – there were dozens of beads, belt loops, and pins handed out; not to mention a few patches. The boys have really been busy – and we love to recognize their accomplishments.

Finally we wrapped up the meeting with the “Reptile Guy” (real name Leonard Knapp). Mr. Knapp put together a fabulous program showing the kids many things; amphibious turtles, tortoises, lizards, legless lizards, alligator, and several snakes. The boys sat quietly and listened intently to everything Mr. Knapp had to say. It was quite a show – and we’d like to have Mr. Knapp back again for a longer period!

Be sure to check out some of the pictures from the meeting.