Pack 196 had an amazing day at the Tohpendel District Pinewood Derby Finals (held this past Saturday in Quakertown).All the boys showed excellent sportsmanship, the scout spirit, and exemplified why Pack 196 is such a great group of kids. The entire Pack was very fast respective to the rest of the district, so many of our boys placed. Sean Ryan, Bears, won the overall competition and has brought home the “big” trophy for the Pack! As I write this, the trophy is being engraved with his name. We should have it back for display at the Blue and Gold Banquet.

The boys placing in the top 3 within their respective divisions are:

  • Matt Hawley, 2nd place, Tigers
  • Thomas Geiger, 2nd place, Wolves
  • Sean Ryan, 1st place, Bears, 1st Place Overall
  • Michael Susi, 2nd place, Weblos 1
  • Chad Schaeffer, 3rd place, Weblos 1

All the boys deserve big congratulations for participating and representing us so well! We will make several photos of the winners available as soon as they are made available to us.

The boys who participated this year were:

1 – Mullen, Declan
2 – Hawley, Matt
3 – Gommel, Noah

1 – Geiger, Thomas
2 – Frankowski, Brendan
3 – Gaenssle, Peter

1 – Ryan, Sean
2 – Elwood, Mark
3 – Souder, Wes

1 – Susi, Michael
2 – Schaeffer, Chad
3 – Muntzer, Freddy

1 – Conway, Patrick
2 – Koch, Adam

To see the full results or this year’s District Finals, download the stats from this link.