thanksgivingNot cooking for Thanksgiving? Great! Come join us for a lifetime memory! Join hundreds of Scouts in the ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade right on the parkway! Starts at 20th and Market and runs along Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Go to www.6abc. com for map and info on the parade.

A few of us did this last year and it was an event to remember and we can’t wait to do it again this year! If we are lucky we will get to be one of the chosen to carry the banners in front of the balloons and be seen on TV!

We need to be down on the parkway by 7am (6:30 to get the good spots) and will March at 8am – be on TV at 9am. Once we are done, we are welcomed to get a hot dog at the Phila office. Plenty of time to get home for an even better Thanksgiving meal and nap.

Since this is a televised event – ALL scouts and leaders MUST be in FULL uniform. DRESS TO IMPRESS!

• Long sleeve shirt, (please wear long underwear under the Scout
Uniform because jackets cannot be worn). or
• Short Sleeve Shirt with a sweatshirt under it.
• Boy Scouts- red sweatshirt
• Cub Scouts- blue sweatshirt
• Venturers- green sweatshirt
• Long Scout Pants. (cub scouts need navy blue pants on – not necessarily BSA cub scout pants)
• Hiking type boots:
• A Pair of warm GLOVES

If you have a BSA wool coat – they were allowed last year, but no other jackets.

Parents – must be in uniform, or you are welcome to sit and watch the parade (check out the parade website for the best places to watch). Cradle of Liberty Council has asked no one out of uniform to march with the scouts (although with issues of supervision, we did see some parents accompany their scouts). We have plenty of leaders attending, so you can entrust your scout in our care while you enjoy the parade first hand!

Once we know who will be attending, we will arrange a meeting place to drive down together. You need to pay for parking (we parked behind Musuem of Natural Sciences last year). Otherwise – its a FREE event!