Have your car all ready and bring it Thursday to get weighed in, numbered and checked for regulations. We will have weights and tools needed for any last minute fine tuning adjustments to the cars. Once your car is regsitered, we will keep it in safe storage in the “Offical” Pinewood Derby Race car case and bring it to the races on Friday night.

Now, how to get to the Polichetti’s if you have never taken the adventure before. Just in case, our home number is 215-795-0174 in case you have trouble or questions.

For mapquest, gps or other fancy directions utility please use this address or you wont’ be able to find us.

829 Kellers Church Rd.
Ottsville, PA 18942

Straight forward directions
Drive to the intersection of 313 and 113 (Bedminster Rd) at the Wawa and Exxon
Head East on Bedminster Rd.
If you are coming out 113 from Silverdale stay straight
If you are coming down 313 from 5th street turn left
If you are coming from Dublin turn right
If you are coming from Bedminster – turn around you’re already lost

Drive out 3.5 miles
(pass the Deep Run Presbyterian Church, take note this is where the Blue and Gold will be)
After you pass Bedminster Elementary (off to the left) you will see a sign
“You are entering the Village of Bedminster”
Once you see the sign, don’t blink or you may end up driving through the entire village.

Make the next right onto Kellers Church Rd.
(antique shop is on the left, post office on the left after the intersection)

We are the first house on the left
Pull in before the white picket fence
There is parking on the right, in front of the barn and behind the barn. You can block in any vehicle in front of the barn. You can also fill up the driveway portion going as ar back as possible. or you can park in front of the fence, or across the street in front of the big brick barn.

We will be changing the registration room this year and holding it in the front part of the barn. The Wolves should be arriving at 6pm to register and then will meet in the back to hold a den meeting.

Registration begins at 6pm and continues until 8pm or all the cars are entered and registered. It is done in open house style, so you need not show up AT 6, but at anytime between 6-8pm.

I know the boys are excited to race their cars, as much as we are excited to see their creative minds at work at all the cool cars!

Remeber – the key is having FUN!!!!!