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Come by and check out Pack 196! We’ll have a “Mad Science” night that will knock your socks off! This is our chance to get together again and talk about the summer, check out some great science entertainment, and get back into the swing of a new program year.

The program we will be enjoying is “Wacky Science“: This 45-minute special event features several different aspects of science. The audience will learn what a polymer is and will get to watch a brave volunteer make a giant batch of Slime with their bare hands! They will also be amazed as the Mad Scientist uses science to melt the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ right before their eyes. Next, the children will learn about static electricity from demonstrations with a Van der Graaf generator. One of the victims…er…children will even get to touch the Van der Graaf for a ‘hair raising’ experience. We round off the event with our exciting Dry Ice demonstrations. This show works very well in almost any sized auditorium.

If your son is between 1st and 5th grades, PLEASE come by and have a great evening of entertainment and refreshments  with us! We would love to have you check out the program. What better way than a night like this!?!