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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Cub Scout Pack 196 meet?2016-10-10T20:52:05-04:00

Cub Scout Pack 196 meets at the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run in Perkasie, PA.

When does Cub Scout Pack 196 meet?2016-10-10T20:51:54-04:00

Cub Scout Pack 196 typically meets every Thursday (roughly following the school year) from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM. The third Thursday of each month is usually a PACK meeting, where all age groups meet together for a larger program. The boys meet with their own age group on the other Thursdays of the month.

How much does it cost to join Cub Scout Pack 196?2016-10-10T20:51:41-04:00

We charge $85/scout for the program year. The low program fee includes the following things:

  • Den handbook,
  • Program year activity shirt,
  • Advancement awards (standard ranks, loops, & pins. Special awards may require cost to be passed to family)
  • Pricing offsets to many of the monthly Pack activities.
Who runs the Cub Scout Pack 196 program?2016-10-10T20:52:29-04:00

Cub Scout Pack 196 has the best leadership available – the parents themselves! All the leaders have boys in the program and are dedicated to providing a top notch experience. It’s a labor of love.

Who charters (sponsors) Cub Scout Pack 196?2016-10-10T20:52:46-04:00

Cub Scout Pack 196 is chartered by the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run. The Presbyterian Church of Deep Run is adamant about the quality of the program and making sure it is a nurturing and inclusive environment for everyone.

What kind of a program does Cub Scout Pack 196 run?2016-10-10T20:51:03-04:00

Cub Scout Pack 196 plans a full program that spans (for the most part) the school year. The Pack meets weekly and generally includes an activity every month: camp outs, sleepovers at area attractions, hikes, sporting events, and service projects all spice up the program. Come to one of our meetings and check out the fun!

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